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I hereby authorize my child to receive emergency medical treatment whenever it is deemed necessary at any U.S. Medical Facility or any other medical facility when a U.S. Medical Care is not available. I understand and to the best of my knowledge all of the information stated herein this document is true and accurate.
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The ABC School of Knowledge recognizes that Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an important co-curricular learning experience for international students. International students wishing to gain degree program relevant work experience must submit this proposal form for obtaining approval to register for the CPT Internship course. Students may register for the CPT Internship course only after receiving authorization from both the School of Knowledge and the International and Off Campus Programs office. The CPT Internship course is non-credit and offered in fall, spring and summer terms.

To gain approval for registering for the CPT Internship course, the student must submit this form with attachments, including Internship Proposal, at least three weeks before the start of the term (fall, spring or summer). Proposals will first be reviewed by the School of Knowledge, and if approved forwarded to the International and Off Campus Programs office. Students will need to work with the International and Off Campus Programs office to ensure compliance with visa regulations. Approval by the ABC School of Knowledge does not guarantee the application will get final approval by the International and Off Campus Programs office. Only after both approvals are granted will the student be allowed to register and take part in the CPT / Internship course. A $200 fee will be assessed for the 0 credit internship registration.
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