Categories and Folders

Forms are stored in separate categories and folders. For example, if want to separate HR from client-related forms, just create "Employees" and "Clients" categories and assign the appropriate permissions to your users, making sure only HR can view/edit her forms.

Access Permissions

Users can have different access permissions to folders and categories. A user may be granted full or read only access. You could also allow the user to see what forms are in the folder but not open or edit them.

Custom Reports

Run reports based on your data. Just let us know what reports you would like to be created and we will create them at no additional cost to you. You can have as many custom reports as you want.

Document Change History

Every change is documented and history is kept for future reference. Knowing who and when made changes and what those changes were, is helpful in identifying and fixing any possible mistakes.

Never Lose a Paper

Paper forms can be lost, destroyed, stoled or simply misplaced. Electronic forms are easy to replicate so you can store the archive in multiple places. We do backups on a regular basis, but you could download and keep your entire archive on your devices.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money on filing, storing, searching and retrieving filled out forms. With electronic forms you do not need paper and file cabinets. All forms are securely stored in the cloud.

Signature Pads Support

Use Topaz signature pads with regular desktop PCs when you need to fill out forms in the office. You can have multiple signatures on a single form.

Word and PDF Templates

Form Organizer was designed to use your existing Microsoft Word documents as templates. Just add special tags to any Word document and upload them to FormOrganizer.

You can export all your forms to PDF and Word formats.

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