Thank you for choosing Form Organizer.

1. How to create a form template?

Go to Settings -> Form Templates -> New Template to create your first template.

2. Fill out forms using PC or mobile devices.

Once you create a form template, you will be able to fill out and share that form. Just click on top of the page.

3. How to add users?

Go to Settings -> Users and Access to add users and set their permissions.

4. How can I add or remove categories?

You add, edit or remove categories by going to Settings -> Manage Categories. There is only one category set up by default ("Forms"). You can add more categories like "Clients" or "Employees" if needed.

5. How to use signatures?

If your forms contain electronic signatures, use a mouse or a Topaz tablet to sign them. Model T-S460 is known to work well, you will need to install drivers for it.

6. Collect data from people outside of your organization.

The easiest way to share a form is via link or email. Just click button on top of the page and pick "Share" option.
In addition to just sharing a single form, you could send this link:
Using that link, anyone will be able to register, create folder in one category and submit any number of forms and documents (uploads). Their access will be restricted to that one folder. You can also share individual forms as link or via email.
Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to help you.